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Sermons from the 2017 Focus Youth Conference

Bro. Jim Schettler-"Trust The Scriptures"-5-6-17

Bro. Jim Schettler-"Time Of Surrender"-5-6-17

Bro. Jim Schettler-"Take A Stand"-5-6-17

Sermons from the 2016 Focus Youth Conference

Bro. Charlie Clark-"The Power of Prayer"-5-7-16

Bro. Charlie Clark-"Owning It For Your Generation"-5-7-16

Sermons from the 2015 Focus Youth Conference

Bro. Kurt Copeland-"Who's Team Are You On?"-5-2-15

Bro. Kurt Copeland-"Forgiveness"-5-2-15

Bro. Kurt Copeland-"Don't Fight The Authority"-5-2-15

Sermons from the 2014 Focus Youth Conference

Bro. Tim Hicks-"Teach Us"-5-3-14

Bro. Tim Hicks-"Respect The Game"-5-3-14

Bro. Tim Hicks-"Breaking The Chains"-5-3-14

Sermons from the 2013 Focus Youth Conference

Bro. Clint Fredericks-"You Can Trust The Bible"-5-18-13

Bro. Clint Fredericks-"We Need God All The Time"-5-18-13

Bro. Clint Fredericks-"Why We Think We Don't Need God"-5-18-13

Sermons from the 2012 Focus Youth Conference

Bro. Ron Reilly-"Repairing Your Attitude"-5-19-12

Bro. Ron Reilly-"Overcoming Temptation"-5-19-12

Bro. Ron Reilly-"Dedicating Your Life To Christ"-5-19-12

Sermons from the 2011 Focus Youth Conference

Bro. Kurt Skelly-"Valuable Vessels"-5-28-11

Bro. Ricky Moon-"A Look In The Mirror"-5-28-11

Bro. Kurt Skelly-"When God Gets In Your Face"-5-28-11

Sermons from the 2010 Focus Youth Conference

Bro. Reno Likins-"Pondering the Path of Life"-5-29-10

Bro. Reno Likins-"Making or Breaking Your Parents"-5-29-10

Bro. Reno Likins-"Serving The King"-5-29-10

Sermons from the 2009 Focus Youth Conference

Bro. Tim Hicks-"Dare to Run"

Bro. Aaron Hartman-"Secret Sins"

Bro. Tim Hicks-"Hinderances In Running The Race"